Caribbean economist examines link between poor economy and well-being


Zhivargo Laing, economist

Zhivargo Laing, economist

NEW YORK (September 17, 2013) – Economist Zhivargo Laing, former finance minister of the Bahamas, has been promoting a recipe for financial security after observing the link between the poor economy and people’s well-being. Under the theme, “The Power to Be Better in Good Times and Bad” the economist urges people devastated by the recession to be hopeful and. “not feel bad because these have been momentous times with shifting fortunes leaving legions in states of anxiety, hopelessness and despair.”

An extended period of economic turbulence has shattered the American dream for millions of residents and with it, Zhivargo said, “The fortunes of many outside the United Sates whose well-being is tied to the advancement of that dream.” He plans to embark on a speaking tour on the theme “Released!” later this year. Zhivargo said that “Unemployed millions, underemployed millions and fully employed but over-leveraged millions now share a common fate – the democratization of pessimism.”

Those at the economic margins in fragile communities, especially those heavily populated by minorities, said Laing, “face the additional burdens of the dissolution of social support systems and widespread despair.” With material security in doubt and economic prospects obscure, he added, “the times have raised the central question of human existence: Why are you here and what are you about?” The changing circumstances call for an awakening, he said, “to an untapped, limitless power within, one which when discovered provides the means to be and do better in good times and bad.”

This power within, the author declared, “first works its miracle on the person, providing inner peace, clarity of perspective and renewed personal purpose. The power then works itself outward, providing the means to produce, provide and prosper.” Laing describes it as a liberating power which “frees from the shackles of regret, the chains of pessimism and the burdens of dis-contentment. It releases us to be free to be now, to do now and to excel now.”

Laing  also said that “Physically, emotionally, socially, financially and spiritually … the released soul is centered, at peace and joy, and an excellent candidate for family and community building and development. Released is a pocket of wisdom that gives life and riches in full measure, whatever the times.”

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