Want to boost sales? Try Yaadmarket/links/traders.com


By Carmen Glover

Canadian-based entrepreneur Steve McDonald has nurtured a keen interest in finding solutions since his high school days

Steve McDonald, Manning’s Alum & President of Yaadmarket.com, Yaadtraders.com and Yaadlinks.com.

at Jamaica’s elite Manning’s School in Westmoreland. So in 2015 he took quick action after hearing a farmer plead for help during a radio interview.

“He was saying that he had watermelon spoiling in the field but the host said there was a shortage in Kingston,” McDonald stated. “The interview gave birth to Yaadmarket, which provides that farmer with a medium to tell Jamaica, and the world, that he has watermelon for sale. Yaadmarket.com was, in essence, developed to rectify the situation where there is a glut in the field and a shortage in the marketplace.”

As he traveled the country, McDonald spoke to small business owners and artisans. In August 2017, he debuted yaadtraders.com to promote other industries, with yaadlinks.com launching January 3, 2018 to spur cross-sectional networking. Integrating accurate market research with in-person observations, the savvy businessman provides a valuable service to all segments of society. With just one click, patrons can access any of the three portals that he designed for specific industries: yaadmarket.com, yaadtraders.com and yaadlinks.com.

“Yaadmarket.com is designed for the agricultural industry to connect buyers and sellers of agricultural produce in a fast and efficient manner,” he said. “We also have a section to highlight and promote complimentary services, for instance, equipment rental. We also do a blog with best practices.”

Moreover, he explained, “Yaadtraders.com is designed to provide websites to small business owners and artisans, while Yaadlinks.com is designed to connect people in the diaspora for social and business purposes by promoting and highlighting their businesses and services. It can also be used to review business and service providers in Jamaica.”

McDonald hopes that the trifecta of platforms will greatly enhance agricultural, trading and networking within the Jamaican community both home and abroad, for one simple reason:

“When we have a more affluent diaspora, the members are better able to help Jamaica develop,” he explained of his rationale.

Judging from the feedback, McDonald has created a winning strategy that has the potential to revolutionize the marketing landscape, much like Facebook, Linkedin and other social media outlets.

“Since I started to advertise my produce on yaadmarket.com the benefits are wonderful,” said Leroy Bruce. “I grow scotch bonnet pepper and other farmers have been calling me. Exporters….persons who do sauce have also been calling me, giving me an excellent opportunity to increase my income. Great job!”

Others concur as well, with feedback pouring in from far and wide.

“This website is beneficial and easy to manipulate. The response of a buyer was speedy and the medium by which the advertisement was displayed is advanced,” said Hibernia Farmers Group in Manchester.

Utilizing any of the three platforms is simple.

“On each platform, users only need to register and create an account,” McDonald said.

As Jamaicans make plans for the year ahead, feverishly vowing to keep resolutions for personal, professional and business growth, yaadmarket.com, yaadtraders.com and yaadlinks.com have the potential to become a routine part of that planning process and yield priceless returns as a result. Check them out and see.–OnPointPress.net–

Nonprofit focused on affordable housing celebrates 45 years, hosts fundraiser

Southside United HDFC-Los Sures Executive Director Ramon Peguero, Esq.


Brooklyn, NY: Forty-five years after opening its doors with a mission of developing affordable housing units in the Southside of Williamsburg, Southside United HDFC-Los Sures is still going strong. On Wednesday, April 26, at 6:00 p.m., the nonprofit will host its annual fundraiser at Freehold Brooklyn, 45 S. 3rd St., to honor its inspirational story, under the theme “Celebrating 45 years of commitment to affordable housing, community development and advocacy.”

“Now more than ever, with affordable housing still being a major issue for residents of Southside Williamsburg, our organization is keenly aware of its role in stabilizing families and the community as a whole, despite the challenges that we face,” said Southside United HDFC-Los Sures Executive Director Ramon Peguero, Esq. “Many organizations close down after 45 years but we are determined to achieve even more in the next 45 years as we work diligently to meet the needs of the community and continue to be a beacon for those who rely on our services.”

The non-profit has expanded its mission over the years and now it not only develops affordable housing units. Los Sures manages affordable housing units, operates a weekly food pantry, hydroponic farm, senior center and provides entitlement services such as tax preparation at through its social services office. Additionally, the organization operates a local museum, El Museo de Los Sures, which is a hub of exquisite artistic expression, attracting patrons from the neighborhood who are eager to experience diverse artworks.

“We hope that the community members will come out in large numbers to support our 45th anniversary fundraiser because it is through their involvement that we are able to provide the menu of services that we do,” Mr. Peguero said.

Among the distinguished individuals who will be honored at the event are Luis Garden Acosta, Founder and President of El Puente; City Councilmember Antonio Reynoso and NY City Council General Counsel Jason Adolfo Otano. Hirschen Singer & Epstein LLP will receive the corporate award and a surprise humanitarian award will be presented at the event. Dime Community Bank, which is based in Williamsburg and has been in operation since 1864, is the event’s legacy sponsor, while FG-PH Corporation is the platinum sponsor. Kings County Politics (KCP) is the media sponsor. For tickets and sponsorship opportunities, please contact mduran@lossures.org. For interviews, please contact cglover@lossures.org.

Southside United HDFC-Los Sures, www.southsideunitedhdfc.org, is a pioneering, community-based non-profit organization that was among the first to answer the call to rebuild North Brooklyn 45 years ago. Not only has Los Sures undertaken large-scale rehabilitation of many buildings, allowing families and individuals to live comfortably while creating an aesthetically pleasing neighborhood, but the organization provides a range of social services, including a food pantry, a fresh produce distribution center, a senior center, tax preparation assistance, community and tenant advocacy and workshops. The organization also operates a community museum, El Mueso de Los Sures, which showcases diverse artists.–OnPointPress.net–

Take time to solidify your brand


By Carmen Glover

What is your brand? What is your identity? What skills do you possess? What skills do you have to offer to potential clients? Who are you? What is your life’s purpose? What is your passion? What drives you? What goals will you tackle with enthusiasm this year?

Before you can provide excellent service to a potential client, it is important for you to be able to offer compelling answers to those questions. After all, how can you begin to define, establish and solidify a brand or strategy for others if you have not developed one for yourself?


Take the time this week to assess yourself and examine those questions. As you slowly arrive at the answers you will find it easier to carve out your personal niche. which is fundamental to your ability to branch out and help others develop their own brand and identities.

Don’t delay, research and develop your brand and identity today. Once you have done that, move forward with purpose, urgency and determination. Yes, the year is young, but there is a lot of work to be done and time is of the essence. Share your progress with us so that we can continue to cheer you on..–OnPointPress.net–


October is National Women in Small Business Month, ready to dive in?

October is National Women in Small Business Month.

October is National Women in Small Business Month.

By Carmen Glover

The month of October is traditionally filled with events to address domestic violence, breast cancer, mental health and anti-bullying awareness. But did you know that female entrepreneurs are also celebrated in the month of October? Do you feel inspired to become a female business owner or are you already taking steps to launch a business?

Happy Women's Small Business Month

National Women in Small Business Month is one of the most significant features of October because it is dedicated to honoring and highlighting the reality that women-owned small businesses are integral to the success of the economy, which in turn drives a myriad of intertwining industries such as healthcare and income, which are necessary to ensure appropriate care for breast cancer, mental health and the effects of domestic violence.

The Small Business Administration (SBA), in publicizing women in business is hosting a series of weekly web chats dealing with women in business. Figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau statistics, developed every five years, indicate that 7.8 million women-owned firms in 2007 and  90 percent of those are small businesses. Those same figures show that between 1997 to 2007 women-owned companies outpaced the rate of growth of male-owned businesses..


As the global economy changes, many women have decided to branch out on their own and venture into entrepreneurial waters. For some, it might be a simple dipping of the toes to test the waters before taking the big plunge, while for others it is an all-or-nothing leap with no thought of looking backward. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, here are some things to keep in mind: Follow your heart and if that leads to the creation of a business, go for it; Launching and sustaining a profitable business takes hard work and is filled with disappointments mixed with successes and finally, only you can tell if entrepreneurship is right for you, regardless of what your mentors and loved ones might think or say.

Having your own business, if it is successful, comes with the perks of being your own boss, setting your own hours, working in a style that suits you, and following your passion. But those perks must be balanced by a realistic ability to earn, support your family, save for retirement and expand your business so that it is a viable and reliable source of income. For many women, the first step to entrepreneurship is working hard at a hobby that does not generate steady income but provides an outlet to nurture a talent which brings joy and fulfillment. It that’s the most feasible approach for you, start there and add new steps along the journey towards entrepreneurship, based on ;your comfort level and long-term goals.–OnPointPress.net–





MBDA allocates $10.2 million for new business, job creation grants

Learning the keys to starting a new business is crucial to success, experts say.

Learning the key rules to starting a new business is crucial to success, experts say.

WASHINGTON (October 7, 2015) — On October 7, the U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) launched a search for prospective partners to operate their newly improved business center program. MBDA plans to award 29 individual cooperative agreements to operate MBDA Business Centers beginning April 1, 2016. The awards will cover a 5-year period and total $10.2 million annually. The centers will be located in areas with substantial minority populations and minority-owned firms.ad small

“Our new and improved business center program was developed based on performance outcomes of our most successful centers and where we’ve had the most impact,” said MBDA National Director Alejandra Y. Castillo. “Under the new program, the nationwide business center network is more integrated, places more emphasis on collaboration, and was designed to ensure the quality and consistency of service delivery throughout our nationwide network of business centers.”

new business sign illustration design over white

Starting a new business is an alternative that many career changers find appealing.

MBDA is looking for organizations to deliver business consulting services to minority-owned firms, providing them increased access to public and private sector contracting opportunities, financing, and capital investments. Successful applicants will be those that have experience in assisting minority firms with obtaining large-scale contracts and financial transactions; accessing corporate supply chains; facilitating joint ventures, teaming arrangements, mergers and acquisitions; conducting export transactions; and performing minority business advocacy.

It takes courage, determination and conviction to live your life's purpose and embrace new career opportunities.

It takes courage, determination and conviction to live your life’s purpose and embrace new career opportunities.

The types of organizations are encouraged to apply include for-profit entities, non-profit organizations, state and local government entities, Native American tribes and educational institutions. Applications are due December 3, 2016. More information can be found on at www.grants.gov or www.mbda.gov. A pre-application teleconference will be conducted October 15, 2015 to provide background information and answer questions about the program and application process. Details are on www.mbda.gov.

Many new college graduates and veteran employees have decided that it makes more sense to create their own jobs rather than compete for uncertain careers.

Many new college graduates and veteran employees have decided that it makes more sense to create their own jobs rather than compete for uncertain careers.

MBDA will announce more funding opportunities in coming months for additional cities and programs.This grant competition is to operate business centers in locations including Albuquerque, NM;  Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Cleveland, OH; Columbia, SC; Dallas, TX, Denver, CO; Detroit, MI; El Paso, TX; Honolulu, HI; Houston, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Las Vegas, NV; Los Angeles, CA; Memphis, TN; Miami, FL; Minneapolis, MN; Mobile, AL;New Orleans, LA; Orlando, FL;Philadelphia, PA;Phoenix, AZ; Raleigh or Charlotte or Durham, NC; San Antonio, TX; San Jose, CA;San Juan, Puerto Rico; Seattle, WA; New York, NY or Northern New Jersey; Washington, DC or Northern Virginia.

Transitioning to a new phase on your professional path is often at the root of career and personal fulfillment yet many employees find it to scary to take the first step.

Transitioning to a new phase on your professional path is often at the root of career and personal fulfillment yet many employees find it to scary to take the first step.

MBDA, www.mbda.gov, is the only Federal agency dedicated to the growth and global competitiveness of U.S. minority-owned businesses. Our programs and services better equip minority-owned firms to create jobs, build scale and capacity, increase revenues and expand regionally, nationally and internationally. Services are provided through a network of MBDA Business Centers. After 45 years of service, MBDA continues to be a dedicated strategic partner to all U.S. minority-owned businesses, committed to providing programs and services that build size, scale and capacity through access to capital, contracts and markets. Follow them on Twitter @usmbda.–OnPointPress.net–

African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group stunned by low sugar prices


Worker cuts sugarcane in a field that's ready for harvesting.

Worker cuts sugarcane in a field that’s ready for harvesting.

Brussels, April 22, 2015: The ACP Sugar suppliers to the EU market are deeply concerned with the sharp decline in the sugar prices which has come much sooner than expected. This, in ACP’s view, is the direct consequence of the imminent abolition of EU sugar production quotas to which they had strongly objected. The ACP had called for a longer timeline to allow the fragile sugar industries to implement in full the ongoing massive restructuring and reform programme with the support of EU funds. The EU Beet Growers Confederation had also supported the extension of the quota regime to at least up to 2020.

Latest sugar prices as of April 21, 2015.

Latest sugar prices as of April 21, 2015.

The majority of the ACP sugar-supplying States have initialed and signed Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) based in part on the expectation of the long-term outlook for the EU sugar market, in terms of access and maintenance of stable and remunerative sugar prices in a regulated EU sugar market. The EU decision to abolish sugar quotas prematurely therefore seems to contradict and undermine the EPA objectives and the concept of policy coherence for development to which the EU is strongly committed, and which is a fundamental aspect of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement.

The ACP Sugar Group reiterates that the value of the preference enshrined in these treaties depends on a combination of a guarantee of access and stability of price in the EU market and has long been crucial to the security of ACP sugar export earnings. These, in turn, underpin the ability of the many of the small and vulnerable economies to import other products, which help to provide food security. More importantly, thousands of small sugar growers in ACP countries continue to depend on these earnings for their livelihood. The importance of this key commodity to Economic Partnership Agreement signatories and the Least Developed Countries has been set aside in the latest EU sugar reform of 2013.

Low sugar prices threaten already shaky economies in the ACP group.

Low sugar prices threaten already shaky economies in the ACP group.

The ACP Sugar Group is also apprehensive of the planned greater alignment of EU prices with world market levels which is eminent, and, according to the EU’s own forecast, will be at levels rendering the preferences granted under the EPA almost, if not completely, valueless. Planning and investment decisions for sugar cane require a view of market conditions well beyond 2017. The ACP Sugar Group is concerned that several imminent intertwined factors could materially influence their prospects as sugar suppliers to the EU.

As the Caribbean and other nations within the ACP group deals with declining sugar prices, options have to be considered for extra revenues.

As the Caribbean and other nations within the ACP group deals with declining sugar prices, options have to be considered for new sources of revenue.

The ACP Sugar Group has appreciated the innovative accompanying support programme, initiated and funded by the EU, granted to the former ACP sugar protocol States. However, significant constraints relating to implementation in terms of management and slow disbursement of the funds continue to pose serious challenges. The support program is far from providing the so-called “soft landing” as has been widely claimed.

The ACP countries had consistently warned the EU that the abolition of EU sugar production quotas in 2017 will lead to drastic price reductions and major market instability which will seriously undermine the substantial investments in the reform and adaptation processes of their sugar industries. The ACP sugar suppliers strongly believe that they would continue to need additional support to complete the much-needed reform programs already underway to allow them to genuinely attain a level of competitiveness in order to face the market challenges.–OnPointPress.net.

Financial summit set for Atlanta, Georgia, with focus on empowerment


Atlanta, GA: Urban Financial Services Coalition (UFSC) will host its 41st Annual Summit  in Atlanta, GA, from June 4 to 6.  The event will be hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and promises to be one of organization’s most strategic and powerful events of the year. The summit will provide attendees with information and tools that will allow them to be more strategic and profitable with their businesses, employers and communities.

The event will include information sessions and workshops that will focus on topics such as business development; career planning and management; information technology, cybersecurity, regulatory and economic updates; servant leadership; and wealth management. Additionally, the Mark 1 Emerging Leaders Program and Oratorical Competition will be offered to youth desiring to be future members of the financial services industry and a Community Empowerment Day will be offered free of charge to the Atlanta community. The Summit will culminate with an awards reception at which the UFSC will recognize its corporate sponsors and outstanding chapters, members and youth program participants. It goes without being said that Atlanta will be a wonderful location to have fun and build lasting personal and professional relationships.

Call (404) 443-1234 for hotel registrations and use the code UFSC or visit www.ufscnet.org for additional information about the Summit and check back often for updates regarding events and speakers. —OnPointPress.net.