Dynamic duo debuts SpiritSisters TV, aimed at empowerment

(L-R) Selena Covington and Shy Brown, co-hosts of SpiritSisters TV Show.

(L-R) Selena Covington and Shy Brown, co-hosts of SpiritSisters TV Show.

By Carmen Glover

It is not unusual for professionals to feel passionate about making a difference but fail to act in order to effect the very change they desire. But for a dynamic duo of African-American females, inaction is a concept that has no place in their active lives. For them, follow-through is a necessity and quantifiable results are the building blocks of success. Longtime friends Selena Covington and Shy Brown recently decided to merge their diverse skills and shared interest in spiritual empowerment. From that union they created SpiritSisters Television Show, which will launch on October 13, 2013 on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) at 7:30 PM. The show will air on the second Sunday of each month for thirty minutes and will address romance, spirituality, health, family and finances. The show can also be viewed online.

The idea for the show developed from a commitment by the co-hosts to provide quality advice and elicit meaningful discussion. “I had a group called Karma Circle. We had an idea that we wanted to have a spiritual advice show,” said Covington, a University of Florida graduate with a background in media and wellness. The group, which she started in 2009, focused on providing advice to women and encouraging meditation. As the group grew, the participants experienced positive changes in their lives, which in turn fueled Covington to explore broader avenues to reach her target population.

Partnering with Brown, who is a licensed therapist specializing in additions and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), to devise the concept for the show, was a natural progression because the partnership came from a place of trust. Brown explained that mutual interest and friendship were central factors in their decision to create the show. “Building on the chemistry that we have, we call ourselves sisters,” she explained, adding that they are committed to “spiritual growth.” But the duo is emphatic that the show will not promote religion. “Spirituality has to do with a divine connection with a true spiritual essence,” said Covington. “It is not geared to one particular religion.” Rather, said Brown, the show will focus on the “spiritual connection as it is defined by each individual.”

SpiritSisters TV Show’s demographic is adults from age 18 and up and will feature an interactive social media style. “We prefer that people email us and we will respond on the show,” said Covington, who explained that because the show is not live, having listeners email their questions ahead of time allows the hosts to answer questions in detail while providing a discussion theme for the next month’s show.“ I would hope that people can pull something from each question to help them in their spiritual life and at the end of each show we will have an inspirational thought for people to have something to look forward to from month to month,” Covington said of the show’s overarching aim. “Overall, our expectation is the education and awareness of the viewer so that people are aware of the spiritual mind/body connection,” Brown said, explaining that the format is ideal “so that it does not confuse” their audience.

As an indication of the ladies’ profound interest in reaching their audience and providing a vital resource, they are financing the venture on their own, although they hope to attract sponsors and advertisers in the future. Because the co-hosts feel that the need for their show is great, self-financing is considered to be an important investment in order to reach their demographic and provide a well-needed service that they hope will inspire others. The co-hosts expressed interest in expanding the show’s brand and scope over time. “Right now social media is everything,” Covington stated in explaining the media strategy that will undergird their outreach efforts. But they will not rule out including other methods to engage their viewers. “We are definitely trying to touch people by social media and we are hoping that people would invite us to speak,” Brown said, regarding being receptive to public speaking engagements.

The co-hosts are hoping that viewers will utilize the show as an interactive, engaging medium to share ideas, learn new techniques and expand their perspectives in a supportive environment. Viewers are invited to tune in on Sunday, October 13 at 7:30 PM to MNN, or at http://www.mnn.org, for the premiere episode of the show and to share ideas and feedback via twitter https://twitter.com/TVSpiritSisters, Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/SpiritSistersTV.-OnPointPress.net