Switch careers, move forward

Being open to career changes often leads to a new path.

Being open to career changes often leads to a new path.

By Carmen Glover

As parents and friends support the new class of college graduates, thoughts usually swirl around job prospects. Similarly, as veteran employees consider their options decisions are typically made to leave dead end jobs and test the waters.

Career options often lead to a new direction.

Career options develop in a fertile, open mind.

Sometimes, however, it is necessary to switch career fields entirely in order to secure gainful employment. Don’t become married to a job title, a particular manner of earning or a specific industry. Instead, it is wise to assess your skills, career interests, work style, long and short term career goals and determine how the various jobs that you are being offered can create a path to your ultimate goal.

career path

Too often individuals become observers, sitting on the sidelines while waiting for the ‘perfect job.’ Years pass by and they are still waiting, refusing to revise their career outlook, take lateral steps in order to move ahead with new skills.

As the job hunting season heats up, consider taking a step back or changing careers temporarily, if necessary, in order to develop a fresh set of skills while being an active participant in the workforce. By being open to new opportunities you just might discover a more exciting way to earn and a more fulfilling career that was never on your radar initially–OnPointPress.net.

Are doubts derailing your life?

By Carmen Glover

Do not allow doubts to derail your life.

Do not allow doubts to derail your life.

The other day I was speaking with a mentee and I was staggered by the deep level of insecurities and doubts the person expressed. There were doubts about career goals, what direction the individual should take with seeking a new job and most alarming, insecurities surfaced when the person spoke about feeling alienated by peers on the current job.

As I listened and examined the underlying causes of the emotions the person expressed I felt concerned that so much pain, doubt and feelings of inadequacy had been internalized by the mentee. The person seemed to be incapable of charting a new path because of the deleterious effects of being stuck in place for years.


I provided career and self-esteem counseling but the session made me reflect on the prevalence of doubts derailing people’s lives. Are you allowing your doubts, fears and insecurities to cloud your mind, consume your thoughts and prevent you from moving forward?

If so, take some quiet time to determine what you want more than anything else in your life, whether it is in your personal life or your career. Describe why you deserve to have that outcome then outline how you plan to make it a reality. After taking those steps, take a leap of faith and move forward. Remember, you cannot achieve your goals if you are too scared to take the first step.—OnPointPress.net


Change fuels growth, embrace it


By Carmen Glover

Have you ever found yourself fighting with all of your might against change? Change is usually the precursor to growth. By resisting change, you are not only delaying the inevitable, you are choosing to remain stagnant.

If you have been thinking about unrealized goals or if you have just started to list your goals for this month, make room for change. If a particular way of doing things no longer suits you then change it. Take action and make change so that you can grow.

change 2

If your career path no longer brings you joy, change the way that you work or the field of employment entirely. If your significant relationships cause you to feel unhappy, resentful, constantly angry or stuck in place, change what you can even if it means moving on from what no longer brings you joy.

Whatever you do, make a decision today to move forward. Change your surroundings, change your mindset, change your associations, change your eating habits, change your exercise routine, change your life. Do not resist the opportunity to change, in time you will see that change is the catalyst to the most successful period of your life—OnPointPress.net–



The value of mentoring is unrivaled

Being a caring mentor to a child could be the difference to that child's future achievements.

Being a caring mentor to a child could be the difference to that child’s future achievements.

By Carmen Glover

For the entire month of January, the act of mentoring is celebrated under the umbrella of National Mentoring Month. Also, on January 21, mentees were encouraged to thank their mentors for Thank Your Mentor Day.


One of the strongest indicators of career success for many professionals is the involvement of caring mentors. When a child shows interest in a particular career path pairing that child with a mentor often sets the stage for that child to explore, at an early age, whether or not that career path will be viable.

When a teenager begins to consider career paths and is exposed to individuals who are doing well in that desired career path, as well as being paired with a mentor, it cements confidence. As that teenager enters college, trade school or other forms of educational endeavors, the comfort that the adolescent will benefit from a professional who can provide honest feedback, guidance, resources and introductions to others who are excelling in the career field of choice, provides dividends that are priceless. When a worker is paired with a mentor regardless of that worker’s age or stage on the career continuum, that act paves the way for the worker to navigate steps and climb the career ladder with greater dexterity and speed than before.mentoring1

I have benefitted from mentors throughout my professional career and for that I am immensely grateful. Not only do I consider my most enduring mentor to be caring, effective and helpful, I consider him to be a lifelong friend. Similarly, I have been a mentor to several younger professionals both in the field of media and education. The experience has been rewarding, especially when I see the mentee excelling in a chosen career.

mentoring 1

If you have never mentored a younger professional, consider doing so this year. Conversely, if you have never had a mentor, I suggest you diligently seek one without delay. The relationship between mentor and mentee is usually fulfilling and satisfying both professionally. Try it for yourself and share your experiences with us.–OnPointPress.net–

Take time to solidify your brand


By Carmen Glover

What is your brand? What is your identity? What skills do you possess? What skills do you have to offer to potential clients? Who are you? What is your life’s purpose? What is your passion? What drives you? What goals will you tackle with enthusiasm this year?

Before you can provide excellent service to a potential client, it is important for you to be able to offer compelling answers to those questions. After all, how can you begin to define, establish and solidify a brand or strategy for others if you have not developed one for yourself?


Take the time this week to assess yourself and examine those questions. As you slowly arrive at the answers you will find it easier to carve out your personal niche. which is fundamental to your ability to branch out and help others develop their own brand and identities.

Don’t delay, research and develop your brand and identity today. Once you have done that, move forward with purpose, urgency and determination. Yes, the year is young, but there is a lot of work to be done and time is of the essence. Share your progress with us so that we can continue to cheer you on..–OnPointPress.net–


3 Tips to regain focus and achieve unmet 2015 goals

The difference between success and failure is often the impetus to take the first step.

The difference between success and failure is often the impetus to take the first step.

By Carmen Glover

For many individuals, life involves trying to balance a myriad of responsibilities–at work, at home and in the community. Too often, this forces us to put goals that are important to us on the back burner, as we try to navigate coping with more pressing matters.

But as we enter into the month of November, this is an opportune time to reflect on what we have achieved so far this year, and make plans to achieve the unmet goals we set for 2015. Have you found yourself in a rut, unable to move forward? Here are three quick tips to reclaim your balance, recapture your focus and tackle unmet goals:

It is easy to list goals but much harder to stay focused enough, all year long, and achieve them.

It is easy to list goals but much harder to stay focused enough, all year-long, and achieve them.

Celebrate your Achievements: We are usually our own worst critics. Sometimes we beat ourselves down mercilessly, making it difficult for us to feel inspired. Instead of focusing on the list of things that you failed to achieve so far this year, write down all the goals you have achieved. Reflect on your journey towards achieving those goals. Celebrate those achievements. Savor the sense of pride that you feel for accomplishing those goals despite the obstacles that your faced along the way.

Revisit your Action Plan: Now that you are able to accept the reality that you achieved some of your goals, ask yourself what other goals you would like to achieve before the end of the year and why that is important to your psyche. Explore strategies that you will use to get to the finish line. Write down different paths you can take, various supportive networks you will tap and the first step you are prepared to take, today, to move the plan forward.

The key to achieving goals consistently is being focused, so that if you take detours or long breaks in between, you can find follow the signs towards the finish line.

The key to achieving goals consistently is being focused, so that if you take detours or long breaks in between, you can find follow the signs towards the finish line.

Break the Goals into Smaller Steps: Do not become consumed with the range of tasks you need to complete in order to fully achieve the goal. It is more practical to break the goals into a series of small steps, and celebrate each achievement as it is made. For instance, if the goal is to improve your credit score by 50 points but you refuse to look at your account statements or speak to your creditors, a great first step would be to gather all your statements into one pile.

A second step could entail calling all of the creditors to get an accurate sum of what is owed. A third step would be to write down the balance owed to each creditor. A final step could be making a decision to speak with a financial advisor to get some valuable guidance, speaking directly to the creditors to explain your situation and develop a payment plan, or hiring a credit repair company to consolidate your debts and establish a reasonable repayment schedule. None of these methods will improve your credit score immediately, but they will provide the foundation that will change your financial picture incrementally, which in turn will improve your credit profile, over time.

So stop procrastinating. Take the first step today towards achieving your goals. Stay focused. You can do it!–OnPointPress.net–


NABJ congratulates member Kevin Merida on new ESPN job

Longtime NABJ member Kevin Merida is leaving his post as managing editor at the Washington Post for an executive level position at ESPN.

Longtime NABJ member Kevin Merida is leaving his post as managing editor at the Washington Post for an executive level position at ESPN.

WASHINGTON (October 20, 2015) – The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) congratulates member Kevin Merida on his appointment as editor of “The Undefeated,” ESPN’s website centering on the intersection of race, culture, and sports.

Merida will be a senior vice president and editor and oversee the content, the direction, and the strategic initiatives undertaken by the site. He joins “The Undefeated” from The Washington Post where he had been managing editor since February 2013 and on staff for 22 years. Upon his appointment at the Post, he became the paper’s first African-American managing editor.

“Kevin is an exceptional journalist who has worked his way up from reporter to editor covering a range of topics, from news of the day to national politics,” said NABJ President Sarah Glover. “Kevin is a transformative leader who has driven pointed editorial coverage of important news stories while balancing the need to create newsrooms that are nimble, flexible, adaptable, and creative. He has mentored talented journalists and helped them to create notable work.”

“Kevin is a remarkably accomplished journalist, editor and leader whom we have long admired and desired to join ‘The Undefeated,'” said Marie Donoghue, ESPN Executive Vice President for Global Strategy and Original Content. “Today’s announcement represents a key step in the evolution of the site and ESPN’s commitment to this ambitious project.”

Before serving as managing editor Merida was the paper’s national editor. Merida was named NABJ’s Journalist of the Year in 2000 in recognition of his storytelling abilities, his commitment to the craft of journalism, and his drive to be an industry influencer by encouraging others to raise the bar.

Merida a Washington, D.C.-area native graduated from Boston University with a degree in journalism. He is the co-author of the biography “Supreme Discomfort: The Divided Soul of Clarence Thomas” and co-author of the bestselling “Obama: The Historic Campaign in Photographs.” Merida who will remain in Washington, D.C., is married to author and former Post columnist Donna Britt with whom he has three sons. NABJ congratulates ESPN on this appointment and wishes Mr. Merida much success at ESPN.

An advocacy group established in 1975 in Washington, D.C., NABJ is the largest organization for journalists of color in the nation, and provides career development as well as educational and other support to its members worldwide. For additional information, please visit, www.nabj.org.–OnPointPress.net.