Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Veterans honor the lives of fallen heroes in celebration of Memorial Day Weekend.

Veterans honor the lives of fallen heroes and express gratitude for their service, in celebration of Memorial Day Weekend.

As we pause from the rigors of work this weekend to frolic at the beach, take advantage of competitive sales, relax, or have fun and food with family and friends, let us also remember that Memorial Day Weekend is a time of reflection.

Nestled between the hectic hustle and bustle associated with navigating the airport or roadways, take some time to honor the lives and memories of those for whom this holiday was established. Pause and reflect on the many veterans who valiantly served this nation and lost their lives in the process. Because of their sacrifice, we have the ability to celebrate the benefits of their service in our own way.¬†Happy Memorial Day Weekend!–OnPointPress.net–.

Switch careers, move forward

Being open to career changes often leads to a new path.

Being open to career changes often leads to a new path.

By Carmen Glover

As parents and friends support the new class of college graduates, thoughts usually swirl around job prospects. Similarly, as veteran employees consider their options decisions are typically made to leave dead end jobs and test the waters.

Career options often lead to a new direction.

Career options develop in a fertile, open mind.

Sometimes, however, it is necessary to switch career fields entirely in order to secure gainful employment. Don’t become married to a job title, a particular manner of earning or a specific industry. Instead, it is wise to assess your skills, career interests, work style, long and short term career goals and determine how the various jobs that you are being offered can create a path to your ultimate goal.

career path

Too often individuals become observers, sitting on the sidelines while waiting for the ‘perfect job.’ Years pass by and they are still waiting, refusing to revise their career outlook, take lateral steps in order to move ahead with new skills.

As the job hunting season heats up, consider taking a step back or changing careers temporarily, if necessary, in order to develop a fresh set of skills while being an active participant in the workforce. By being open to new opportunities you just might discover a more exciting way to earn and a more fulfilling career that was never on your radar initially–OnPointPress.net.

Happy Mother’s Day!


The role of a mother is a special one: she gives us life, love, nurturing, support, guidance and important life lessons. In some instances, mothering is done by someone who has not physically given birth. Nonetheless, the love provided is no less meaningful and sincere.happy mother's day1

For those of us whose mothers are alive we are especially thankful. For those whose mothers are no longer around, take the time to celebrate the values that she instilled in you throughout her life. And if you find yourselves in a position to mentor and guide another person, do so in her honor.

I am thankful that my mother nurtured my curious mind and voracious love of reading. For me, being a mother has been a blessing. Happy Mother’s Day!–OnPointPress.net—