Tickets on Sale for Manning’s (MPSA-NY)’s Annual Ball, Honoree is Tower Isle Foods President Patrick Jolly, OD

Mr. Patrick Jolly, OD, President of Tower Isle Frozen Foods and a well-known Manning’s School alum, is this year’s honoree.  –Photo Courtesy of Facebook.

For a modest cost of $100, supporters of Manning’s School, the second oldest high school in Jamaica, WI, can purchase tickets to celebrate the school’s illustrious history. Proceeds from the ticket sales will help to construct additions to the school’s home economics building and renovate areas of the existing building that are in disrepair. The new construction and repairs are expected to further the educational options for the Manning’s School student body.

The New York Chapter of the Manning’s School Past Students’ Association (MPSA-NY) will host its 29th anniversary reunion ball on Saturday, October 14, at 7:00 PM, at Eastwood Manor in the Bronx. Tickets are still available for sale and the board members are eager to sell them all and welcome a broad alumni gathering to the event.

MPSA- New York President Dr. Paulette Porteous-Cole.

“Our main goal for this event is to raise funds and assist in current and ongoing programs at Manning’s. By assisting in the long run, we will continue to promote excellence in education,” said MPSA-NY President Dr. Paulette Porteous-Cole. “As president of the Manning’s Past Students’ Association’s New York Chapter, I feel honored to celebrate our 29th Anniversary Reunion Ball. Our Guest Speaker, Mr. Victor Lowe, has given many years of dedicated and commendable service as a member of our prestigious Board of Trustees.”

But this year there will be a new element to the festivities, by honoring an exceptional alum. “The core value of our organization is giving back, so this year we will honor Mr. Patrick Jolly, O.D., who has tirelessly and unselfishly contributed towards events and ongoing programs,” she said.

Victor Lowe, M.S., CEO of Global Capital Ltd., and member of Manning’s School’s Board of Trustees, will deliver the keynote address.

Honoree Mr. Jolly is the President and Co-Owner of Tower Isle Foods, which makes and distributes delicious frozen patties across the United States and the Caribbean, while Guest Speaker Mr. Lowe is CEO of Global Capital Ltd. and a member of the school’s board of trustees. Each year, MPSA-NY raises funds for the school and earmarks the funds for a special project. In recent years, the organization has allocated all funds raised to construct a state-of-the-art home economics building on the school premises and repair areas of the exiting structure . The project is being completed in phases, and members of the MPSA-NY board of directors make regular visits to Jamaica to view the pace of the progress and provide oversight.

Dedicated Manning’s alumni usually travel from the five boroughs and neighboring states to attend the annual ball as a way of showing pride in their school and reminisce about the fond memories that they created when they were students at a distinguished school which has been the foundation for scholars who have excelled in various careers.The ball will feature a cocktail hour with an open bar, entertainment, a sumptuous dinner, singing of the school song and dancing.

To purchase your tickets for the ball, please call 914-325-4064, 914-668- 1876, 718-322- 1929 or 718-515- 2098.

Jamaican Artist Displays Dazzling Masterpieces in New York

Artist Extraordinaire Mr. Paul Blackwood thanks longtime friend Mrs. Coleen Robinson-Cobblah for hosting a successful exhibition of his work in her home.

By Carmen Glover

Art usually evokes a myriad of emotions, ranging from awe to excitement and joy. The works created by self-taught Jamaican artist Paul Blackwood explode with vibrant colors and sceneries, often fueling lengthy discussions and intense concentration as patrons carefully study the pieces, trying to decipher subliminal themes. Recently, while exhibiting his artwork in Westchester County, New York and Alpharetta, Georgia, Blackwood joined his family, friends and patrons to discuss his hectic exhibition schedule and the range of emotions that his masterpieces elicit.

Some of Paul Blackwood’s breathtaking pieces of art.

“Since the year started I’ve been doing a lot of exhibitions across Jamaica and the United States,” Blackwood said during a lull in the Westchester County event, while explaining that he loved the Westchester location because “It has a nice vibe.”  But while art lovers were deep in thought trying to figure out multiple meanings and themes in his work, Blackwood laughed when he stated, “I don’t have a set theme for my art. I paint the way I feel. You can see abstract, semi-abstract or realism but I put my all into my work so when people purchase my work they are buying a piece of me.” Editorial Director Carmen Glover, M.S.Ed. enjoys the exhibition with Coleen Robinson-Cobblah, MSN, and her sister Dionne Robinson.

Blackwood says his work has wide appeal. “My paintings are for everyone. People will say that they see a lot of houses and cottages in my work. That’s because I try to bring out a lot of my upbringing in my work,” he said. “I grew up in a little board house in Long Hill, Westmoreland, where you get the best bammy and fried fish in the world,” he said, laughing. Blackwood said that he caters to every taste and budget. “I do coasters, prints and originals so that there is something for everyone. My dream is to let as many persons as possible have a piece of my work,” he said. “If everyone across the globe could have a Blackwood painting, that would be nice.”

Happy patron shows off her outfit next to the artistic display.

Coleen Robinson-Cobblah, who hosted the Westchester event, said she is committed to showcasing his work as much as possible.

“I met Paul about five years ago, selling his work at Golden Krust in White Plains,” she said. “I loved his work and bought a few pieces. I found them inspirational. We ended our conversation like we knew each other for a long time.” She said that she and Blackwood’s friendship grew. “I see him as a big brother. I don’t see him as a friend. He’s family. When I go to Jamaica he treats my family well and I want to expose his work as much as I can. Last year, he hosted a show at my mother’s and this year I decided to host the exhibition here and invite my friends.”

Robinson-Cobblah was pleased with her guests’ feedback at the exhibition she hosted in her home. “The guests all love his work. They bought coasters and paintings. Some took his card to visit his website and purchase more of his work,” she said.

To view and purchase his work, visit