Tessanne Chin is the new “Voice” winner

Tessanne Chin belting out the late Whitney's Houston's "I Have Nothing."

Tessanne Chin belting out the late Whitney’s Houston’s “I Have Nothing.”

By Carmen Glover

Riding a wave of enthusiastic support from an impressive fan base, Jamaica-born singer Tessanne Chin, 28, was named the season five winner of NBC’s singing contest, “The Voice,” on the Tuesday night finale. Chin, who was coached by Adam Levine during the contest, beat out Jacquie Lee, who was coached by Christina Aguilera and Will Champlin, who was also coached by Levine, to become the newest winner of the popular talent search show.

The highly watched finale took place over a two-day period, beginning at 8:00 p.m. on Monday night as the three finalists belted out various songs designed to show their range and expertise. Chin electrified the crowd with her powerful rendition of the late Whitney Houston’s hit “I Have Nothing,” causing Levine to rise from his seat and state:

” I don’t know what else is left for Tessanne to do. She’s the winner.”  Viewers of the show have voted in large numbers for Chin, and have also encouraged others to watch the show and vote for her. The winner was announced Tuesday night after a recap of the season. Chin could barely contain her excitement when her name was announced.

An emotional Tessanne Chin performs on "The Voice."

An emotional Tessanne Chin performs on “The Voice.”

“Oh my God,” Chin said, when her name was announced. Happy tears slid down her cheeks and she held her face in a combination of joy and shock. Levine hugged her happily while her husband and mother embraced at the edge of the stage. After holding the trophy briefly, Chin sang the single that “The Voice” is releasing on iTunes at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday. In addition to being named the winner, Chin, who has been a backup singer for reggae star Jimmy Cliff, will be given a record deal by the producers of the show. Chin expressed her “love” and gratitude for Levine and the dedication he has shown in coaching her during the competition  Levine expressed feeling “happiness” when his team wins and he could not disguise his pleasure that Chin emerged as the season five winner. He said often during the completion that she deserved to win.

When the parents were asked how they felt about their children progressing to the finale, Tessanne’s mother, Christine, a musician herself, did not hold back. “I’m very proud of Tessanne,” she said, urging Chin to “be yourself,” while explaining that Chin is representing her family as well as “a nation, Jamaica.” Social media exploded with positive feedback when Chin sang the duet “Love Can Move Mountains,” with multiple award-winning music icon Celine Dion.

Tessanne with her producer Paul Kastick of Big Mountain Records.

Tessanne with her producer Paul Kastick of Big Mountain Records.

Throughout the contest, Chin has won fans far and wide, but Jamaicans across the globe have mobilized en masse to watch diligently each week while reaching out to residents in the U.S. to host various voting parties, since voting was restricted to the U.S. As Chin distinguished herself week after week, her fan base grew steadily while she has thrived, exuding class, dexterity, humility and a fun-filled aura that supporters have found refreshing.

For Paul Kastick, CEO of Groove Galore Muzik Productions and member of the Big Mountain band, who spotted Chin’s talent, nurtured her musical dreams, produced her chart-topping single, and worked tirelessly to get her air play when she was being snubbed by radio programs, her latest achievement comes as no surprise. “Let me tell you, Tessanne is one of the best voices out there right now,” he stated, boldly predicting her victory on Sunday night when he was vacationing in Malaysia. “My team was the original team that worked with her from the ground up. We were there with her from day one, working with her because we could see that she was just a natural with the music,” he said.

Chin’s album, “In Between Words,” has been rising steadily on iTunes, as she continues to revel in the embrace of the U.S. fans. Chin thanked her well-wishers from the “tiny island of Jamaica and her new fans in the U.S,” saying she was “grateful for their support,” throughout her journey on “The Voice.” She also thanked her husband, who she said has “been there” through it all. By winning “The Voice” contest, Chin is now poised to take the musical world by storm, building on her past achievements while enjoying well-deserved, long-overdue recognition on the international stage. Her victory on “The Voice” signifies that she has broadened her appeal, won new hearts and fans who saw her in their living rooms for weeks and fell in love with what she delivered. Well done Tessanne. –OnPointPress.net

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