Presidents differ in #BringBackOurGirls attitudes


By Carmen Glover

U.S. President Barack Obama authorized 80 military forces to be deployed to Chad to conduct aerial searches and intelligence in the effort to rescue the close to 300 Nigerian school girls who were abducted six weeks ago by the Islamist terror groupBoko Haram. Conversely, Nigerian PresidentGoodluck Jonathan refused to meet with scores of protestors who marched to the presidential home on Thursday, leaving a representative to deliver a stern rebuke instead, the Associated Press reported.

nigerian president
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan seems indifferent to the plight of the kidnapped girls.

Thursday’s protest was a coordinated effort, with many schools closed across the country in order to keep the spotlight on the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. The protests were also organized to voice displeasure about President Jonathan’s tepid efforts to secure the girls’ rescue as well as mass murders of innocent civilians in the country by the terror group.

men get involved
Male supporters make their voices heard as the uncertainty grows about the girls’ well-being.

While some Americans have argued that President Obama should send “boots on the ground” to augment the aerial crew that he committed to the search and rescue efforts, President Jonathan has been universally chastised for his slow, and seeming nonchalance in speaking out against the abductions and mass murders or coordinating efforts to rescue the girls. Indeed, he was vilified for rejecting the United States’ offer of help when it was initially offered, until he reversed himself due to public outcry.

women rally in Nigeria
Women continue to wear red and lead the effort in organizing rallies in Nigeria and around the world.

Meanwhile, another week begins and the fate of the girls as well as the fear struck in the hearts of the other residents who are being killed with impunity, continues unchecked.–

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