Historic election of Jamaican judge, Patrick Lipton Robinson, to ICJ

Jamaica-born Judge Patrick Lipton Robinson.

Jamaica-born Judge Patrick Lipton Robinson was elected judge of the International Court of Justice. His nine-year tenure will start February 2015.

Renowned Jamaican and international jurist, Judge Patrick Lipton Robinson, was  elected to serve as a Judge in the International Court of Justice for a nine-year period beginning in February 2015. Judge Robinson was elected on Monday, November 17.

The elections featured differing results, through the final round, in the United Nations General Assembly and the fifteen-member United Nations Security Council, both of which are required to record a majority vote for the winning candidate. Over the course of the elections, Judge Robinson consistently received more than a two-thirds majority of votes in the General Assembly, while Argentina’s candidate Susana Ruiz Cerutti received the required majority in the Security Council.

The deadlock between the Security Council and the General Assembly was ultimately resolved following the withdrawal of Ms. Cerutti on Wednesday, November 12. Senator the Honorable Arnold J Nicholson, Jamaica’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, received the news of Argentina’s withdrawal from the Argentine Foreign Minister. This paved the way for the election of Judge Robinson, who received a total of 185 votes in the General Assembly and 15 votes in the Security Council in the elections on Monday, November 17. The results were welcomed by Most Honorable Portia Simpson Miller, Prime Minister of Jamaica, who noted:

“Judge Robinson’s elevation to this high office marks a historic moment, not only for Jamaica but for the entire Caribbean. The overwhelming support that he received throughout the rounds of voting from the UN membership is a reflection of the excellence of the Jamaican candidate, and the high regard with which the country is held in the international arena.”

Senator the Honorable Arnold J. Nicholson, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade also lauded the election results and issued a statement on the event, saying:

“This impressive outcome is an indication of the level of respect that Jamaica enjoys for our principled and balanced foreign policy and the result of an effective and strategic campaign waged by the Foreign Ministry and our overseas Missions, particularly our Mission to the United Nations in New York. I wish to thank Argentina for their very gracious gesture to withdraw from the process in the interest of Latin American and Caribbean unity. I also extend my heartfelt appreciation to the numerous countries that supported Jamaica in the process and to assure them and the entire international community that they will find in Judge Robinson a jurist of highest integrity, professionalism and objectivity.”

Judge Robinson is the only Jamaican and the second Caribbean national to be afforded the privilege of serving on this esteemed body since its establishment 70 years ago. Judge Robinson will join four other candidates from Australia, Morocco, Russia and the United States of America, who were elected to serve on the Court.-OnPointPress.net.

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