New NYC day care policies promote optimum learning and health

A father reads with his children.

A father reads with his children to  promote learning, which can become the new thrust of NYC Day Care Centers under newly publicized guidelines.

The guidelines made public by New York City Board of Health Department drastically restricting the consumption of juice and television viewing by children in day care centers is a long overdue step in the right direction.

The new guidelines, which were made public on Monday, March 23 when they were entered into public records, now limits children to 30 minutes of television time during day care hours. Also, the guidelines children must now be two years old in order to be served no more than four ounces of 100 percent juice per day.

The guidelines are aimed at optimizing learning activities instead of television viewing; boosting activity levels instead of encouraging sedentary lifestyles and promoting healthy habits by limiting sugar intake which leads to higher incidences of obesity and diabetes, which bring along lifelong health challenges that can be avoided.

Undoubtedly, many parents will be irritated by the restrictions. However, cooler heads should prevail with the recognition that these small steps now can lead to a longer, healthier and more academically stimulating adulthood. Afterall, the number one priority of child care providers should be to care for children by providing an environment that promotes their overall well-being and development. Preserving their heath and mind is an important step to achieving that noble

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