Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, children need your guidance to thrive and excel

Proud Father Ephieum Allen poses with his daughter, jasmine.

Proud father Ephieum Allen poses with his daughter, Jasmine, who is thrilled by his presence.

Being a parent is not easy and being an involved father who works hard to support his family but also devotes quality time to his children is priceless. Many dysfunctions of childhood seep into adult lives and have their roots in the reality that one or both parents failed in the task of being actively involved in the parenting journey with devastating consequences.

Fatherhood should not be tied into the farce of showering children with expensive presents in order to mask the long stretches of absences. Fatherhood, at its core, is the ability men display to envelop their children in unconditional love, acceptance and support. Fatherhood is the spirit that guides, teaches and protects but also allows children to make mistakes, secure in the knowledge that “Dad” will be there to lend an ear, offer advice when it is needed and keep his own counsel when it is not.

Jasmine celebrates her birthday by playing dress-up  with her father, Ephieum Allen

Jasmine celebrates her birthday by playing dress-up with her father, Ephieum Allen

For all the men who step up boldly and embrace the role of being an example to children, whether they fathered them biologically or fill in as a father figure, we at OnPointPress.net salute you! Have a Father’s Day that is filled with the rich blessings that emanate from the smiling faces of your children. Always know that your impact on your children’s nurturing and well-being is boundless.


Happy Father’s Day to every father, everywhere, across the globe but to Black fathers especially since they are often demonized in the media. Your presence is needed in order for children to grow, blossom and thrive. Your example, tutelage and insight are needed as a road map for boys on their journey to manhood. Your counsel, feedback and oversight are instrumental for girls as they navigate the circuitous maze of dating and womanhood. Your influence is irreplaceable so embrace that reality and make the effort to show up for your children. Providing financial support does not hurt either, regardless of the state of your relationship with the children’s mother.

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Happy Father’s Day fathers, you are needed and valued much more than you know!–OnPointPress.net.

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