President Obama stands firm, Tea Party rebels finally end impasse, re-opens govt.

For two weeks, starting on October 1, Tea Party rebels in the Republican Party insisted that President Obama should cave to their irrational demands and agree to defund the Affordable Care Act, his signature legislative accomplishment. The President refused, as he should. In retaliation, the Republicans shut the government down, determined to teach the President and the American people a lesson. Blinded by anger that this country is being led by an African-American male, many in the Republican Party have made it their sole mission to discredit, disrespect and demean President Obama while ignoring the will of the people who elected him to office twice.

The backlash that followed the irresponsible actions of the misguided Republications was swift and vocal. Veterans stormed the Veterans Memorial. Protesters amassed to show their disgust. Blame was ascribed sweepingly to the entire Congress, and to the President, who held his ground and refused to appease the spoilt Tea Partiers. The Tea Party rebels, blinded by irrational feelings of resentment, felt that bringing the country to the brink of financial ruin would be worth it to teach the President a lesson. In the meantime, House Speaker John Boehner, terrified of the Tea Party rebels, refused to act and allowed the country to be bullied into a shutdown.

More than 800,000 federal workers were furloughed, national parks were closed, medical research and testing halted. But the Tea Partiers remained unmoved and in a callous show of hypocrisy, Representative Ted Cruz (R- Texas) who called for the government shutdown in the first place, joined with former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin this past weekend in a public rally to accuse the President of shutting the government down and depriving people of the use of the national parks. No doubt Cruz and Palin felt they were scoring political points as they appealed to their base while trying to re-write history. But while there theatrics continued, the economy lost $24 billion, according to the Standard and Poor’s.

By voting to pass the bill last night to reopen the government and spare the country further financial harm, Congress finally did what they are being paid to do. But, in typical dysfunctional fashion, the measure that passed last night only funds the government for three months, leaving the real possibility for this debacle to re-surface again in a few months. Let’s hope that the Tea Party rebels and the rest of Congress will heed the voice of the public and the polls that show the anger felt by the nation’s citizens and make sure that they never act in such an irresponsible way again. It behooves all members of Congress to realize and accept the fact President Obama was elected to office in 2008 and re-elected in 2012. His term ends in 2016, punishing the people of this country and threatening to wreck the economy will not change that. It’s time for this unruly faction to cease its misguided quest to destroy the country due to their anger that an African-American male, who belongs to the group that is most demonized in this country, is the legitimate leader of the free world. It’s time for Congress to govern, act like grownups and invest in the country’s future and strength. Anything less is unacceptable.—

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