3 Health Insurance tips to prepare for open enrollment after job loss

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By Charles Glover, Jr.

Adults confront many challenging options in trying to maximize income and secure adequate health insurance coverage to protect their families. Yet the issue of healthcare extends beyond receiving the best care, it includes paying for those services. After a life-altering event, such as a job loss, preparation and proactive measures are essential to proper healthcare planning, especially as the November 1 start of the open enrollment period looms.

In the state of Georgia there are hundreds of people dealing with job losses each week. This has a serious impact on each individual in the household and raises many concerns because unresolved healthcare needs can be stressful, and many people find themselves scrambling for solutions. If you or someone you know has recently lost their job and need health insurance coverage, follow these steps:

Losing your job is beyond stressful as it can make it difficult to deal with basic needs. Talking to a healthcare professional can help ease those medical concerns.

Losing your job is stressful and makes it difficult to provide for your family’s basic needs. Talking to a healthcare professional can help ease medical concerns.

1. Assess the immediate health needs of the family.
Some medical issues are more pressing than others so it important to know what medical concerns need to addressed first. This knowledge will help narrow your search for the proper care and coverage.

2. Speak with a licensed insurance professional.
Many people have familiarity with health insurance, but there are plenty of nuances that exist within the complexity that is the healthcare system. Speaking with a professional is akin to meeting with an accountant during tax season. It much more likely that all of the concerns of the family, including the need for supplemental and life insurance, are addressed.

3. Have a budget set aside to address medical needs.
Employment status aside, healthcare needs can be stressful, especially if there are concerns related to paying for medical services. Unfortunately, many people will not receive the proper medical attention they need because they think they cannot afford it. A meeting with an insurance professional can help ease the expected financial burden by exploring the most affordable coverage for the family.

ad smallHealthcare concerns are heightened when someone loses a job but it is important to remember that without your health nothing else is possible. In addition to these tips, learn about supplemental and life insurance when you speak with a licensed professional. Affordable healthcare can be just a phone call away. Part two of this series continues next week.–OnPointPress.net–

Charles Glover, Jr., your Insurance Advisor, is a senior writer at OnPointPress.net and a Licensed Insurance Professional working with HealthMarkets.

Contact me directly at (646)309-1938 for your health insurance questions and concerns.



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