Happy Thanksgiving to our readers, gratitude is never cliche


Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers, supporters who continue to make our site a part of your lives.  We appreciate your support over the years.

The OnPointPress.net family extends Happy Thanksgiving greetings to all of our readers and supporters.

For many families, this has been a very difficult year, with significant acts of terror across the globe, illness and the deaths of loved ones. Some families have experienced job loss or financial and medical uncertainty.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving usually means time for family, friends and food.

Yet, despite enormous challenges and regardless of the uncertainty that they bring, being thankful should be a constant in our lives because without much effort, we can all find several things in our lives for which we are grateful.

For some it might be the ability to wake up each morning and breathe fresh air, for others it might be having the comfort of being loved, while for others it might be the sense of satisfaction that comes from pursuing a career path that brings joy and fulfillment.happy thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving season take the time to express your gratitude for your life, family, friends, health, ability to earn, education and the ability to freely assemble and practice your religion as you please.

That’s just a short list of things we should be thankful for because being thankful is never cliché. Happy Thanksgiving!–OnPointPress.net


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