The value of mentoring is unrivaled

Being a caring mentor to a child could be the difference to that child's future achievements.

Being a caring mentor to a child could be the difference to that child’s future achievements.

By Carmen Glover

For the entire month of January, the act of mentoring is celebrated under the umbrella of National Mentoring Month. Also, on January 21, mentees were encouraged to thank their mentors for Thank Your Mentor Day.


One of the strongest indicators of career success for many professionals is the involvement of caring mentors. When a child shows interest in a particular career path pairing that child with a mentor often sets the stage for that child to explore, at an early age, whether or not that career path will be viable.

When a teenager begins to consider career paths and is exposed to individuals who are doing well in that desired career path, as well as being paired with a mentor, it cements confidence. As that teenager enters college, trade school or other forms of educational endeavors, the comfort that the adolescent will benefit from a professional who can provide honest feedback, guidance, resources and introductions to others who are excelling in the career field of choice, provides dividends that are priceless. When a worker is paired with a mentor regardless of that worker’s age or stage on the career continuum, that act paves the way for the worker to navigate steps and climb the career ladder with greater dexterity and speed than before.mentoring1

I have benefitted from mentors throughout my professional career and for that I am immensely grateful. Not only do I consider my most enduring mentor to be caring, effective and helpful, I consider him to be a lifelong friend. Similarly, I have been a mentor to several younger professionals both in the field of media and education. The experience has been rewarding, especially when I see the mentee excelling in a chosen career.

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If you have never mentored a younger professional, consider doing so this year. Conversely, if you have never had a mentor, I suggest you diligently seek one without delay. The relationship between mentor and mentee is usually fulfilling and satisfying both professionally. Try it for yourself and share your experiences with us.––

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