Exercise your franchise, Vote!


I voted in the New York Presidential Primary on Tuesday, April 19, arriving at my voting site promptly at 7:00 a.m. I then continued on my way to the gym, in my effort to prioritize my health. I cast my vote with confidence that my action will be instrumental in ensuring change.

The presidential race has been hijacked by boorish, vulgar, irresponsible and uninspired  chatter by Republican contenders businessman and reality star Donald Trump and  Senator Ted Cruz while Ohio Governor John Kasich’s subdued, rational discourse has been largely ignored. Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders have sparred like mature adults who have substantive issues that they intend to discuss.


Regardless of the party you choose to support, know this: unless you vote you do not have a voice. In the African-American community, it is especially common to hear the admonition “Our people bled and died to give us the right to vote.” That is a start yet accurate assessment. It is impossible for you to influence the direction of the country, your state, city and judiciary if you sit on the sidelines complaining about what is dysfunctional, while choosing to refrain from participating.

Whether your issue of interest is immigration, or education, police brutality, the impasse generated by a ‘do nothing Congress’ make your voice heard, exercise your franchise and vote. The quality of life of the nation, which President Barack Obama has championed during his time in office, is at stake. The polls are open today from 6:00 a..m. until 9:00 p.m.–OnPointPress.net–

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