3 Tips to assess and achieve goals


By Carmen Glover

As we welcome the month of February we also have the opportunity to assess the level of progress that we have made with our resolutions and goals for 2016.

If you have started slowing down with your exercise regimen, reverted to poor eating habits, procrastinated with your job search, slacked off with writing your book or completing time sensitive projects now is the time to regain momentum. Yes, it’s easier to state what needs to be done than it is to follow through but you can get started by following these three quick steps:

Document Priority Goals:  Determine what your realistic goals are and write them down in order of importance. To avoid clutter and confusion do not include farfetched ideas that cannot be reasonably achieved within your timeline.

Develop A Plan And Timeline: Remember that any goal that lacks a meaningful timeline is a wish or a dream. In order for you to develop an effective plan of action you need to embrace the concept of including specific, do-able timelines.

Start Small: Although you might be running behind in terms of what you hoped to achieve by this point, don’t lose heart. Reboot your goals, tweak your timeline and breakdown the tasks into smaller items. As soon as you achieve one goal, reward yourself and move on to the next.

While it is discouraging to be somewhat behind in what you set out to achieve, don’t use that delay as an excuse to stop. Focus on what you want to achieve and then go for it–OnPointPress.net–