Change fuels growth, embrace it


By Carmen Glover

Have you ever found yourself fighting with all of your might against change? Change is usually the precursor to growth. By resisting change, you are not only delaying the inevitable, you are choosing to remain stagnant.

If you have been thinking about unrealized goals or if you have just started to list your goals for this month, make room for change. If a particular way of doing things no longer suits you then change it. Take action and make change so that you can grow.

change 2

If your career path no longer brings you joy, change the way that you work or the field of employment entirely. If your significant relationships cause you to feel unhappy, resentful, constantly angry or stuck in place, change what you can even if it means moving on from what no longer brings you joy.

Whatever you do, make a decision today to move forward. Change your surroundings, change your mindset, change your associations, change your eating habits, change your exercise routine, change your life. Do not resist the opportunity to change, in time you will see that change is the catalyst to the most successful period of your life—–