9 critically injured in the Bronx, in accident on I-95 north, Exit 13



The scene of the early morning crash on the New England Thruway off the I-95 at Exit 13/Conner Street in the Bronx where 9 people were critically injured.

By Carmen Glover

Nine people were critically injured in the Bronx this morning at about 5:15 a.m. on the I-95 at Exit 13/Conner Street, between the New England Thruway, bordering Co-op City and Westchester County. The passengers in the vehicle were transported to Jacobi Hospital, according to WABC News.

A black SUV hit the wall at the exit, making it difficult to determine if the driver was speeding and lost control, fell asleep, was trying to exit or was otherwise distracted. The crumpled black SUV with shattered glass and vehicle parts as well as a phalanx of news helicopters, police and emergency workers are on the scene, piecing together what happened, while the exit remains closed.

As helicopters hover overhead, the noise from their propellers create an ongoing buzz for Co-op City residents, who know by now that when they awake to the persistent sound of helicopters it means only one thing: an accident on the I-95. Stay tuned to OnPointPress.net for details as the story continues to develop.  –OnPointPress.net.

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