Are doubts derailing your life?

By Carmen Glover

Do not allow doubts to derail your life.

Do not allow doubts to derail your life.

The other day I was speaking with a mentee and I was staggered by the deep level of insecurities and doubts the person expressed. There were doubts about career goals, what direction the individual should take with seeking a new job and most alarming, insecurities surfaced when the person spoke about feeling alienated by peers on the current job.

As I listened and examined the underlying causes of the emotions the person expressed I felt concerned that so much pain, doubt and feelings of inadequacy had been internalized by the mentee. The person seemed to be incapable of charting a new path because of the deleterious effects of being stuck in place for years.


I provided career and self-esteem counseling but the session made me reflect on the prevalence of doubts derailing people’s lives. Are you allowing your doubts, fears and insecurities to cloud your mind, consume your thoughts and prevent you from moving forward?

If so, take some quiet time to determine what you want more than anything else in your life, whether it is in your personal life or your career. Describe why you deserve to have that outcome¬†then outline how you plan to make it a reality. After taking those steps, take a leap of faith and move forward. Remember, you cannot achieve your goals if you are too scared to take the first step.—