As Dule Hill’s career soars, he highlights Jamaican heritage

Dule Hill

Actor Dule Hill has been enjoying a successful career that allows him to play diverse roles.

By Carmen Glover

Charisma and fun oozed from every pore of Dule Hill’s body as he spoke breezily about his career to Wendy Williams on a recent episode of her show. Acknowledging that he moved seamlessly from The West Wing, where many television viewers first took notice of his acting skills, to Psych, which earned him a recent NAACP Image Award nomination, Hill made it clear that he’s grateful for being able to work consistently, hone his craft and have fun at the same time.

Dule Hill with cast of After Midnight

Dule Hill takes center stage with cast of “After Midnight” which is currently playing on Broadway.

“Filming ended on The West Wing in April and I started filming for Psych in May. I am very grateful that I am able to work consistently,” he said. Hill. who was born in New Jersey to Jamaican parents, is currently appearing on Broadway with singer Fantasia Burrino in the production, “After Midnight.”  Laughing, he shot down any talk of a romance with Burrino.

fantasia and dule at After Midngiht premier

Dule Hill says there is no romance with his co-star Fantasia Burrino, despite suggestive photo at the premiere of the Broadway show, “After Midnight.”

“Oh no, we have not dated. She’s an attractive woman but no, we are not dating,” he said as females from the audience professed their admiration for him. When Williams admired his appearance and commented that he didn’t seem to be aging, Hill had a quick answer: “It must be my Jamaica genes. Big up Jamaica!,” as the audience erupted into applause.

Dule hill

Dule Hill is introspective as he gazes ahead at a future that seems as bright as the past.

Hill’s passion for his craft, fun-loving personality and zest for life all shone through in the interview and he made it clear that he is eager to continue thrilling his fans for as long as great roles are presented to him.  Much to the delight of the audience, he spoke directly to them, even telling a bold admirer that he would “see you backstage,” as more laughter rang out. Catch Hill on Broadway in the play, “After Midnight” and explore another taste of his vast talents.–

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