Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, children need your guidance to thrive and excel

Proud Father Ephieum Allen poses with his daughter, jasmine.

Proud father Ephieum Allen poses with his daughter, Jasmine, who is thrilled by his presence.

Being a parent is not easy and being an involved father who works hard to support his family but also devotes quality time to his children is priceless. Many dysfunctions of childhood seep into adult lives and have their roots in the reality that one or both parents failed in the task of being actively involved in the parenting journey with devastating consequences.

Fatherhood should not be tied into the farce of showering children with expensive presents in order to mask the long stretches of absences. Fatherhood, at its core, is the ability men display to envelop their children in unconditional love, acceptance and support. Fatherhood is the spirit that guides, teaches and protects but also allows children to make mistakes, secure in the knowledge that “Dad” will be there to lend an ear, offer advice when it is needed and keep his own counsel when it is not.

Jasmine celebrates her birthday by playing dress-up  with her father, Ephieum Allen

Jasmine celebrates her birthday by playing dress-up with her father, Ephieum Allen

For all the men who step up boldly and embrace the role of being an example to children, whether they fathered them biologically or fill in as a father figure, we at OnPointPress.net salute you! Have a Father’s Day that is filled with the rich blessings that emanate from the smiling faces of your children. Always know that your impact on your children’s nurturing and well-being is boundless.


Happy Father’s Day to every father, everywhere, across the globe but to Black fathers especially since they are often demonized in the media. Your presence is needed in order for children to grow, blossom and thrive. Your example, tutelage and insight are needed as a road map for boys on their journey to manhood. Your counsel, feedback and oversight are instrumental for girls as they navigate the circuitous maze of dating and womanhood. Your influence is irreplaceable so embrace that reality and make the effort to show up for your children. Providing financial support does not hurt either, regardless of the state of your relationship with the children’s mother.

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Happy Father’s Day fathers, you are needed and valued much more than you know!–OnPointPress.net.

Happy Father’s Day Dad, you inspire me to be my best

This will be the 33rd time so far that Charles Glover, Sr. will celebrate Father's Day.

Charles Glover, Sr. (c) will celebrate Father’s Day today, knowing that he has been exemplary with the lessons he has taught his children over the years.

By Charles Glover, Jr.

During the past week, OnPointPress has emphasized stories that recognize and appreciate fathers, leading up to this Sunday’s Father’s Day. During his weekly address yesterday,  President Barack Obama shared a sentiment that many who have had their fathers in their lives believe:

“What we give our fathers can never match what our fathers can give us.”

Dads across the country will receive an array of gifts and recognition, all of which are just small tokens of appreciation for what they do in their complex role as fathers.

My dad and I in the backyard of my parents' house.

My dad and I in the backyard of my parents’ house.

On this special day, Father’s Day, I am taking this opportunity to give a special thanks to my father, Charles Glover, Sr. I was fortunate enough to grow up with two loving parents (and two wonderful siblings). I experienced the joys of having two parents show me compassion and affection as well as tough love when necessary. As I’ve matured, I have a greater appreciation for everything my parents do. I’m especially grateful for the many lessons about manhood that I have learned from my dad.

One thing my dad repeatedly says, “If you’re casual about life you’ll become a casualty,” resonates with me constantly. That saying is my dad’s way of reminding me that I must be vigilant in pursuing my goals.

My dad is known for his sense of style as well as his work ethic.

My dad is known for his sense of style, humor and work ethic.

My dad has demonstrated the balance between working hard and being available to his family, for as long as I can remember. My dad worked long hours on the job while finding a way to be present for some of my extra-curricular activities and school events. Whether on the basketball court, golf course, pool table, or on the backyard grill, my father finds fun ways to bond with my siblings and I. I can also proudly say that my parents were present for my elementary school, high school, and college graduations.

Throughout my life, my dad has been there for me and has instilled traits and virtues in me that I can easily identify. His insistence on me pursuing my dreams has resulted in a myriad of positive experiences. I’m still pursing my dreams with the support of my family, while my dad gives extra advice and guidance. My dad has always been strong, energetic, and firm in showing his love to his children, wife, family and friends.

So this Sunday, my siblings and I want to say: Thank you Charles Glover, Sr. and Happy Father’s Day.–OnPointPress.net–

Charles Glover, Jr. is a husband, stepfather, sports writer and management training consultant. Follow me @OpenWindowMES on Twitter.com.

2014 Federal funding given for fatherhood initiatives, outreach

Unidentified father shows his daughter some love.

Unidentified father shows his daughter some love, while she clings to him with pride.

A variety of funding initiatives and activities designed to strengthen fatherhood bonds in under-served communities are listed below, in honor of Father’s Day and in an effort to provide fathers with useful resources throughout the year.

The U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) is seeking applications for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 Coordinated Assistance for States. This program furthers the Department’s mission by providing national leadership, coordination, and resources to prevent and respond to juvenile delinquency.

father child
An African-American father shares a special moment with his child.

The OJJDP announced Support for States’ Juvenile Justice Systems Improvement Projects for the fiscal year 2014 Coordinated Assistance for States. Details are at http://www.ojjdp.gov/grants/solicitations/FY2014/StateAssistance.pdf funding opportunity. OJJDP’s Coordinated Assistance for States project will provide states and communities with coordinated resources and training and technical assistance to assist in planning, establishing, operating, coordinating, and assessing delinquency prevention, intervention, and juvenile justice systems improvement projects.

Applications are due by July 3, 2014. Resources for the programs are available at FAQs, http://www.ojjdp.gov/grants/solicitations/FY2014/StateAssistanceFAQs.pdf, for the funding opportunity and funding,http://www.ojjdp.gov/funding/funding.html page for more information about these solicitations and other current funding opportunities.

Unidentified father poses with his children.
Unidentified father poses with his children, who do not hide their joy at being with him.

This year’s Fatherhood Buzz: Celebrating Fathers will be held on June 14, 2014. Get involved and find out ways to bring the Buzz to your community by contacting the NRFC Fatherhood Buzz team by emailing info@fatherhood.gov, mailto:info@fatherhood.gov.

On June 11, 2014 a webcast entitled Changing the Conversation Beyond “Who Won” will feature a panel discussion on the topic: Examining New Strategies for the War on Poverty ICF International will host a live stream policy discussion that includes leading researchers, evaluators, and practitioners from key social and human service sectors examining the legacy and future of the Great Society “War on Poverty” programs. Speakers will include:

father child
A father enjoys an outdoor activity with his child, who happily, lovingly, interacts with him.

* Dr. Harry Holzer, Professor of Public Policy, Georgetown University
* Joseph Jones, President and CEO, Center for Urban Families, Inc.
* Dr. Yvette Lamb, Research Director, ICF International
* Robert Doar, Morgridge Fellow in Poverty Studies, American Enterprise Institute
* Brent Orrell, Family and Economic Stability Expert, ICF International

View details and information on attending in person or via the webcast on the NRFC Events Calendar,https://www.fatherhood.gov/about-us/events/webcast-changing-conversation-beyond-who-won-panel-examining-new-strategies-war.

father son
A father shares an interactive play date with his son, demonstrating that love takes varied forms.

Take part in a free SSRC Webinar: Paternal Incarceration and Child Wellbeing. On
June 12, 2014 from 2:00-3:00 PM EDT, the Self-Sufficiency Research Clearinghouse (SSRC) will host Paternal Incarceration and Child Wellbeing, a Webinar featuring our current Emerging Scholar, Dr. Kristin Turney. More than 2.6 million children have an incarcerated parent, most of them for nonviolent offenses.

Dr. Turney will discuss collateral consequences of paternal incarceration, including findings from two ongoing research projects that examine the relationship between paternal incarceration and harm to children’s well-being. Dr. Turney will explain why paternal incarceration is an important dimension when exploring inequality among children. Dr. Joyce Arditti, professor of Human Development at Virginia Tech, will join

father child

A father shares a tender moment with his son, who relishes his one-on-one time with dad.

the discussion. Find more details, including how to register, http://1.usa.gov/1jkmcAL, on the NRFC Events Calendar,http://1.usa.gov/1jkmcAL. For more information email info@fatherhood.gov,mailto:info@fatherhood.gov or call 1-877-4DAD411 Tel:1-877-4323411, [1-877-432-2411,Tel:1-877-4323411].  Share your suggestions to help other dads take time to spend with their children.

The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse is a service of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Family Assistance. –OnPointPress.net.