Happy Father’s Day weekend!

Proud Father Ephieum Allen poses with his daughter, jasmine.

Proud Father Ephieum Allen poses with his daughter, Jasmine.

The impact of involved, responsible, caring, supportive, effective fathers on the path children take cannot be overstated. When fathers demonstrate those traits they help to shape children’s choices, attitudes and yes, their potential for success and independence.

When fathers fulfill all of their obligations by being respectful and supportive to the mothers of their children regardless of their marital status and providing financial, emotional, academic, social, career and general support to their children, it creates a dynamic where those children become exposed to, and witnesses of what it means to be a responsible father.

Happy Father's Day 2016.

Happy Father’s Day 2016, Fathers are important for our family unit and community to thrive.

When children grow up seeing fathers working hard daily to provide for their families that value of hard work is often internalized. As a result, children view that example as a template for their future roles–boys often grow up to treat their roles as providers, protectors and counselors seriously, while girls understand the importance of being independent while at the same time running quickly from men who refuse to work or solidify a career and instead choose to live off women like leeches and parasites.

This Father’s Day weekend, as we celebrate our fathers, let us take the time to thank them for the examples that they have been to us: the examples of being hard workers, consistent providers, caring advocates, supportive counselors, academic and sports coaches, fierce protectors and overall role models.


It is a mistake for women to wish each other “Happy Father’s Day,” because it diminishes the role that rightly belongs to a man. Where there are weaknesses in parenting styles or along the spectrum of fatherhood, let us gently nudge these men along so that they can rise to the challenges associated with being exemplary fathers. Their success in their role is crucial for the survival of our communities.

Happy Father’s Day weekend to all fathers. For those who excel in their role, congratulations and keep up the good work; for those who struggle, we strongly encourage you to seek counsel, be honest about your flaws and do all that you can to rise to meet the responsibilities that your role brings. Fatherhood is not easy but engaged fathers are intrinsic to the fabric of a stable home and a successful community. Happy Father’s Day weekend, we value our fathers.–OnPointPress.net–