Have a relaxing, loving and happy Mother’s Day

Being a mother is one of the most fulfilling roles of my life and it is a sentiment shared by many mothers across the globe.

After listening to an inspiring sermon at church, I look forward to relaxing with my daughter and my mother for the rest of the day. 

Thank you for all the Mother’s Day greetings!

To every mother, everywhere, my prayer for you is that your day will be filled with love, joy and happiness. Happy Mother’s Day!–OnPointPress.net–

Happy Mother’s Day!


The role of a mother is a special one: she gives us life, love, nurturing, support, guidance and important life lessons. In some instances, mothering is done by someone who has not physically given birth. Nonetheless, the love provided is no less meaningful and sincere.happy mother's day1

For those of us whose mothers are alive we are especially thankful. For those whose mothers are no longer around, take the time to celebrate the values that she instilled in you throughout her life. And if you find yourselves in a position to mentor and guide another person, do so in her honor.

I am thankful that my mother nurtured my curious mind and voracious love of reading. For me, being a mother has been a blessing. Happy Mother’s Day!–OnPointPress.net—

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers


The OnPointPress.net team extends heartfelt Mother’s Day greetings to our readers and supporters across the globe.

Mothers give us life, love, hope, confidence and support. In the midst of storms and tribulations, a mother’s love is like a beacon of light, guiding us forth, believing in us when we lack the faith in ourselves, cheering us on enthusiastically and urging others to give us chances that we sometimes don’t deserve. Most importantly, mothers pray for us when we struggle, fuss over us when we are sick and boast about our achievements with the ever constant refrain: “I knew you could do it!”

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Motherhood takes different forms-birth, adoption, foster care, kinship guardianship or simply church or community mother but one thing that is certain: We need great mothers to nurture the next generation of achievers. If your mother is alive, take the time to celebrate her life, love and guidance today and every day.

For mothers who were forced to grieve in public when their children’s lives were snuffed out unfairly: We grieve with you. If your mother has experienced struggles of any kind-emotional, mental, addiction, lifestyle, financial, cognitive or judgment, know this: She did the best she could with the knowledge and skill that she had at the time.

Love your mother, honor her and hold her close. We might think that we owe achievements to our own efforts but for those of us who were blessed to be raised by a strong, independent and fearless mother, we know that her example was the foundation to cementing our character and drive. Show your mother that you value, love, respect and honor her. Give her the gift of your presence today.  We love you mom. Enjoy your special day! Happy Mother’s Day!–OnPointPress.net.