Happy New Year 2016: Focus on faith, family, fulfillment and fun

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The OnPointPress.net family extends prayers to our readers for a monumental 2016 that features a balance between faith, family, fulfillment and fun.

So often we run ourselves ragged, trying desperately to devote the appropriate degree of attention to each aspect of our lives. In many instances, we fail to achieve the ever elusive balance that we seek.

happy new year 2016

Our challenge to our readers and supporters for 2016 is that each goal that you set out to achieve is filtered through the prism that puts faith first, then family, then fulfillment and finally, fun!

By achieving harmony in those areas of our lives, you will feel empowered to tackle issues such as health and wellness, financial security, emotional stability, career and educational aspirations. Give it a try and let us know the results. Happy New Year!!–OnPointPress.net–

Happy New Year: Have a blessed, healthy and prosperous 2015


The dawn of a new year offers an opportunity for reflection, introspection, prayers and planning. It’s a time to review what has transpired so far in our lives, make honest assessments and strategize for the upcoming period, which is like drawing on a clean canvas.

For some, the focus will be on striving for a more healthy lifestyle through proper diet, weight loss and regular doctor’s visits to practice preventive healthcare. Others will concentrate on achieving financial, spiritual, emotional or educational health so that all areas of life can be fully aligned for optimum success and progress. Still others will devote more time and attention to family cohesion, friendships, career growth or retirement and estate planning.

Happy 2015!

Whatever aspects of life that heightens your attention and attracts your efforts, we pray that you will find the tools to develop the discipline that is necessary to ensure success. It is very easy to make resolutions at the beginning of each new year but it is far more difficult to follow through and remain motivated consistently to achieve the desired results.

At OnPointPress.net we have one message: Never give up on your dreams, regardless of how difficult the journey to success becomes. Growing up as a child on the picturesque island of Jamaica, in the Caribbean, I clung to three mottos which have defined my life to this day. One is the Chinese saying: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” the second is “Obstacles are those terrifying things you see when you take your eyes off your goals,” and the final one is a painting that hung on the wall to my living room, for all to see upon entering our home: “Do not pray for an easy life, pray to be a strong person.”


Those ideas defined my life and, coupled with my deep faith, allowed me to overcome challenges and remain committed to my dreams and the goals that have been important to me.

For 2015, the staff of OnPointPress.net would like to urge you all to dream big, work hard, live with a sense of purpose and remember to put your faith and family ahead of any career that you pursue. Career success is empty without a loving family to push you forward, encourage you when you feel lost and to celebrate with you when you are successful. Have a happy, blessed, fulfilling, successful and prosperous 2015. Cheers!!–OnPointPress.net. 

The OnPointPress.net family wishes all a Happy New Year

OnPointPress.net Editorial Director Carmen Glover interacts with CNN Anchor Don Lemon at the  Awards Gala.

OnPointPress.net Editorial Director Carmen Glover interacts with CNN Anchor Don Lemon at the NABJ 2013 Awards Gala in Orlando, Florida, this past summer.

As 2013 comes to an end and 2014 dawns, we are thankful for the opportunity we have had to share incisive and timely news with you all. We look forward to continue bringing you great news and entertainment coverage in 2014. We invite you to share your feedback and ideas about issues that you would like to see examined more closely as well as books, movies, plays and musical offerings that you would like to see reviewed.

It is our prayer for you all that you will express gratitude for your blessings and make an effort to effect change in every way possible so that, collectively, we can ensure a more just and loving world. Have a safe, prosperous and accomplished 2014. Thanks for your support in 2013. Continue to spread the word and join us on our journey in 2014.

The OnPointPress.net.Team.—