Embrace new opportunities, goals, methods in 2016

new start

By Carmen Glover

As 2016 gets into full swing, undoubtedly you find yourself pondering a new direction in several areas of your life–job, career, relationships, education, diet, weight and other unfulfilled goals such as travel and entrepreneurship.

For many people, a new year offers the opportunity to shed circumstances, people and methodologies that no longer suit them. For others, it provides the impetus to act on decisions that were made the previous year but which they lacked the courage and discipline to put into place.

new chapter

Regardless of what category you find yourself, take the time to harness the range of opportunities that a brand new year offers. Let 2016 be the year that you brush off long dormant dreams, unfinished projects and un-expressed goals.

Let 2016 be the year that you live up to your life’s purpose and achieve your goals in an unmatched way. But don’t forget to seek guidance from your source of faith while relying firmly on your supportive network. Keep us abreast of your progress!–OnPointPress.net