Deadline to apply for free, universal pre-K slots in NYC

Wednesday, April 23 is the deadline for applications to be submitted for free pre-K in NYC.

Wednesday, April 23 is the deadline for applications to be submitted for free pre-K in NYC.

By Carmen Glover

New York City parents who act before the close of business on Wednesday, April 23 to apply for free, universal pre-kindergarten classes will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. After making free pre-K the number one priority of his campaign, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was rewarded when Governor Andrew Cuomo allocated $300 million to fund the initiative, in his recent state budget, while making it clear that he did not support de Blasio’s initial idea of taxing the rich to pay for the program. Up to 20,000 pre-K seats will be utilized by children in September as long as parents meet the application deadline.


Children’s participation in pre-K have positive impact on their ability to socialize and learn.

Parents who have children younger than five years old now have the opportunity to enroll their children in properly staffed and operated pre-K programs in the city, now that the offerings have expanded due to the Governor’s budgetary allocation.  New teachers are being hired to fill spots and the salary has been increased from the less than $35,000 that is currently being paid at some community-based pre-K programs to $44,000 for the upcoming academic year starting in September.

This new initiative is as win-win for parents who want to work but had limited or no options for all-day childcare programs that provided academic stimulation for young children. Act now to take advantage of this helpful program that will provide a strong educational foundation for the next generation of leaders. For more information call (718)-935-2009 or visit —

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