Have a blessed Palm Sunday, Holy Week

Palm Sunday represents the beginning of Holy Week, the most sacred time on the Christian calendar. It’s a time of reflection, reconciliation and renewal, as Lent nears its end .

Palm Sunday is a time when Christians draw close to the very essence of their faith, in preparation for Good Friday and Christ making the ultimate sacrifice.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday and Holy Week–OnPointPress.net–

Condolences, Prayers for Peace, this Palm Sunday

As Christians around the world celebrate one of the most significant days on the Christian calendar, we pause to extend condolences, and prayers for the many believers who were murdered earlier this morning in Egypt during their Palm Sunday worship.

Palm Sunday marks the last Sunday of Lent and beginning of Holy Week. For Christians, it represents Christ’s return to Jerusalem before he was crucified. For those of you who celebrate this day’s meaning, Happy Palm Sunday. Remember to pray for each other.–OnPointpress.net–


Have a tranquil and holy Palm Sunday

palm sunday

Today is Palm Sunday, the first day of Holy Week. As you wave your palms and celebrate the sanctity of this special day on the Christian calendar, we extend our prayers to all our readers and supporters for a blessed time. We especially pray that you will experience the tranquility that comes from peace. Have a safe, tranquil and holy Palm Sunday. Have a thoughtful and peaceful Holy Week.–OnPointPress.net–

Have a tranquil, peaceful and holy Palm Sunday


The Onpointpress.net family wishes all our readers and supporters a peaceful, safe and holy Palm Sunday.

It is our hope that this day brings greater focus, perspective and reflection in your lives as the Easter season continues.

palm sunday

Have a peaceful Palm Sunday.–OnPointPress.net.

A blessed and reflective Palm Sunday, Holy Week


The OnPointPress.net family is extending our thoughts and prayers for a blessed, reflective and special Palm Sunday and Holy Week to all our readers and your families. Easter is a very important season on the Christian calendar, filled with messages that are fundamental to the faith of many. As you go through the week, we pray that you will all be blessed.–OnPointPress.net.