QBR’s author reading series promote the theme of renewal

Dirty Laundry

Performers depict “Dirty Laundry” and will bring “From Ashes to Angel’s Dust’ to life in Military Park author readings.

QBR, the Quarterly Black Review, will promote the importance of renewal during its author reading series on September 17 and 24 in Newark, New Jersey for the last two editions of the organization’s Author Reading Series. The 14-week series began on Wednesday, June 25 from 12:00 p.m.-1:30 p.m. and will conclude on Wednesday, September 24.

“We are pleased to be acknowledged for our commitment to developing and serving audiences through books”, said Max Rodriguez, founder of the Harlem Book Fair and publisher of QBR The Black Book Review. “Our weekly author talks will feature selected, well-known and newly-published authors from all genres. We anticipate large crowds, hungry for lunch time entertainment.”

Zoe Flowers

Zoe Flowers

Last fall, the Newark Municipal Council voted unanimously to allow the Military Park Partnership to manage the park’s redevelopment, working in conjunction with Biederman Redevelopment Ventures, which has worked on park projects in several cities in the past decade, including New York City (Bryant Park), Boston, Buffalo, Dallas, and Pittsburgh. Literary programming is a key element of Bryant Park’s success and Military Park will also have an author talk series, created by the organization behind the Harlem Book Fair.

Omali Yeshitela

Omali Yeshitela

“We are excited to bring the Harlem Book Fair back to Newark and we’re proud to introduce more literary events to the city,” said Dan Biederman.

On September 17, Zoe Flowers, Sherri Pullum and Camila Camilo will present a staged reading of “From Ashes to Angel’s Dust,” while Joe Young will present “Diamond Ruff.” On September 24, Omali Yeshitela will present “An Uneasy Equilibrium.”

All events are free.

Joe Young

Joe Young

Founded as the public program of QBR The Black Book Review (www.QBR.com) and now in its 17th year, the Harlem Book Fair, the nations’ largest and most-respected African-American literary festival, is partnered by Columbia University, the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture the New York Public Library, Literacy Partners, Inc., the national literacy organization; and televised nationally by C-Span’s BookTV. Attended by over 20,000 readers and viewed by millions on C-Span, the Harlem Book Fair stands as the nation’s flagship African-American public literary event.

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