Wayne Marshall thrills fans at album release party in NYC

Wayne Marshall poses for a picture for OnPointPress.net.

Wayne Marshall poses for a picture for OnPointPress.net during his album release party in NYC.

By Onissa Sancho

Jamaican reggae artist Wayne Marshall held a release party for his new album, “Tru Colors,” in New York on Thursday, Feb 27, 2014. The night was cold but that did not hamper the turnout for the event, which was held at The Delancey, a hidden but vibrant club located near the Williamsburg Bridge.

Upon entering the club it was easy to spot a dim red light which cast a glow over the room. Despite the cold weather, a crowd gathered to support Marshall’s album release. Vintage and current reggae hits drowned the air as men and women, old and young, of all ethnicities, moved their bodies to the catchy rhythms of the music. Minutes after midnight Marshall had not yet arrived but that did not stop the crowd from enjoying themselves and each other. The right songs, mixed with the right moves encouraged strangers to soon become new acquaintances.


An area directly to the left of the DJ booth was reserved for Marshall and his crew, who arrived about twenty minutes after 1:00 a.m. It was easy to interact with Marshall, who quickly recognized the OnPointPress.net name after the interview which he granted the website on Wednesday Feb 26, 2014. “Thank you for the interview,” Marshall said when this writer introduced herself.

Marshall mixed with the crowd, shaking hands and greeting fans, who enjoyed giving their feedback about “Tru Colors.” About an hour after his arrival, Marshall took the microphone to welcome the guests, thank them for their support and then perform some of his songs from “Tru Colors.” Among the songs that he performed were the hits “Stupid Money,” and “Go Hard.” The appreciative crowd sang and danced along to Marshall, while many held their smartphones in their hands, taking pictures or recording the performance.

It was clear that the crowd had a good time listening to the music and interacting with Marshall up close and personal. Judging from the reaction to the songs, “Tru Colors” will continue to climb the Billboard Reggae Chart and enjoy success for many weeks.–OnPointPress.net

Onissa Sancho is an intern at OnPointPress.net.



Wayne Marshall shows “Tru Colors” in whirwind NYC trip

Reggae singer Wayne Marshall has returned to the dancehall scene with a bang.

Reggae singer Wayne Marshall has returned to the dancehall scene with a bang.

By Carmen Glover

The adage “good things come to those who wait,” has never been more true than what has been exemplified by reggae singer Wayne Marshall, who has made a triumphant return to the dancehall scene with his sophomore album, “Tru Colors” (Ghetto Youths International), eleven years after releasing “Marshall Law” (VP Records). But as far as the smooth-voiced singer is concerned, the timing is perfect and that’s all that matters.

Speaking to OnPointPress.net during a telephone interview from his hotel room on Wednesday, February 26, Marshall sounded relaxed and thankful as he basked in the glow of overwhelmingly positive feedback for “Tru Colors.” The eleven-year wait, Marshall explained, was a matter of divine order. “It’s about waiting for the right time, the right camp, for everything to fall into place,” he said reflectively. “The first CD was just a compilation, rather than doing a focused album, like I did with ‘Tru Colors.’ Now I feel like everything is right.”


From all indications, Marshall’s slow simmer approach has yielded spectacular dividends. “Tru Colors” sits comfortably in fourth place on Billboard’s reggae chart, and with each layer of exposure the album receives, another veneer of excitement  is lavished on the album, which, in turn, fuels even greater interest and industry buzz. As he counts down the hours to his album release party Thursday night at The Delancey in Manhattan, Marshall points to his early musical influences, while simultaneously lauding the expertise of his current producer, Damian “Junior Gong” Marley.

“My biggest musical influence is Bounty Killer,” Marshall stated unequivocally. “As a youth when I was 13, Baby, King Jammys’ son, introduced me to a new artist that his father was working with. That artist was Bounty Killer and I always thought that he was bringing a new flavor to dancehall. When we started working together and he showed me that he liked what I was doing, that felt good.”

L-R: Stephen and Damian "Junior Gong" Marley, who are actively involved in Marshall's triumphant return.

L-R: Stephen and Damian “Junior Gong” Marley, who are actively involved in coordinating Marshall’s triumphant return with his sophomore album “Tru Colors.”

Marshal has collaborated with Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, Sean Paul and Beenie Man in the past. Like he did with his debut effort, Marshall has collaborated with a legion of stars on “Tru Colors,” including Bounty Killer, Ace Hood, Cham, Waka Flocka, Assassin, I-Octane, Vybz Kartel and Tarrus Riley. While Marshall spoke earnestly about the importance of the diversity embodied on the tracks, he was unmistakable in emphasizing that the central component for the success of “Tru Colors” is the hands-on approach taken by the album’s producer, Damian “Junior Gong” Marley.

“Working with Damian Marley is an advantage for any artist because he’s a legendary, excellent, writer, singer and producer: a real triple threat,” Marshall mused. “It’s a dream come true for me to be working with the Marleys because growing up as a youth in Jamaica you saw the Marleys as reggae royalty.” Marshall described Damian as “a perfectionist” who knows the exact sound that he wants. Marshall credits Damian with unleashing his raw, intense, musical essence. “That’s why I call it “Tru Colors” because I think this is me showcasing my true self,” he explained. “It’s been such a long time since the last record that my sound, my lyrics and my style are more refined; a true evolution. Musically I am much more adept at my craft.”

Wayne Marshall is reflective and thankful that his sophomore effort is favorably received.

Wayne Marshall is reflective and thankful that his sophomore effort “Tru Colors”  is favorably received.

But his music is not the only thing that has evolved. Marshall, who describes himself as “very spiritual,” sports long dreadlocks these days, but he distinguishes himself from the Rastafarian faith, and explained that he focuses on solidifying his spiritual base instead. When asked how he is responding to his whirlwind two-day New York City jaunt, Marshall did not hesitate, “I’m enjoying the press coverage. All the media reviews so far have been good,” he said. “Just as the great ones have paved the way for us, this is my opportunity to pave the way for a younger generation.”

Marshall will be touring the United States in April and May with Stephen Marley and Jo Mersa to perform songs from “Tru Colors,” which is a 13-track collection. The album features fan favorites such as “I Know,” “Stupid Money,” “Go Hard,” “Go Harder,” “Be on the Alert” and “Nah Give Up.”  Marshall, who is married to Tami Chynn, the sister of Tessanne Chin of ‘The Voice’ fame, collaborated with his sister-in-law on the “Tru Colors” final track, “On the End.”

For Marshall, “Tru Colors” is his coming-of-age party and he is determined to savor every minute of it.-OnPointPress.net.

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