Trust your instincts, enjoy improved results


By Carmen Glover

Do you sometimes have a strong impulse to do something radical like leaving a dead-end job, terminating a toxic relationship, returning to school or starting a new business? Do you sometimes have a strong feeling that someone is not to be trusted? Do you then find yourself offering a litany of excuses why it does not make sense to move forward with the course of action that your instincts indicate is the right step?

trust your instincts

You are not alone. Each one of us, at some point, can recall a time when instincts told us to avoid a certain person, circumstance or environment. We can remember vividly the outcome of our choice. With reflection, a picture emerged and we are clear that our instincts spoke to us at the time, whether or not we chose to listen.

Green Follow your Instincts Road sign on Cloud Background.

Green Follow your Instincts Road sign on Cloud Background.

People who are instinctive in their actions rely on all of their senses to guide their decisions. Regardless of how they are perceived by others, they trust their instincts. If you are at a crossroads, mulling options, weighing pros and cons, turn inward. Yes, it’s helpful to get input from people who you trust but the most accurate guide is your instincts. Trust them to lead you along the path that is right for you and enjoy the improved results that manifest with decisive action––