Germany beats Argentina 1-0, wins fourth FIFA World Cup

Germany wins 2014 FIFA World Cup becoming the first European team to win the trophy on South American soil.

Germany wins 2014 FIFA World Cup becoming the first European team to win the trophy on South American soil.

By Carmen Glover

In a fitting end to an exciting tournament, Mario Gotze, who entered the game as a substitute for prolific scorer Miroslav Klose, scored Germany’s lone goal in extra time to lead the team to its fourth FIFA World Cup Championship.

Mario Gotze scores lone goal to lead Germany to its fourth World Cup title.

Mario Gotze scores lone goal to lead Germany to its fourth World Cup title. Germany is the first European team to win the World Cup on South American soil.

This is the first time in World Cup history that a European team has won the trophy on South American soil. An eager crowd gathered at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, joining more than a billion viewers worldwide to witness the 2014 World Cup Final match between Germany and Argentina that was decided in 112th minute.

Bastian Schweinsteiger was left bloodied after repeated hits but he soldiered on for his team.

Bastian Schweinsteiger was left bloodied after repeated hits but he soldiered on for his team, returning to the game after getting his bloody face bandaged up.

Bastian Schweinsteiger was phenomenal, defending the ball, fighting against brutal blows that left him bloodied. Schweinsteiger was upset when the referee refused to punish Argentina for its rough play but he returned to the game after his face was cleaned up and valiantly defended against Argentina, determined to play a decisive role in his team’s victory. German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer won the Golden Glove for the best 2014 goalkeeper.

Manuel Neuer wins Golden Glove for the best goalkeeper in 2014.

Manuel Neuer won Golden Glove for the best goalkeeper in 2014.

Germany and Argentina played to a scoreless first half, then a scoreless regulation game, although both teams came close to scoring too many times to count. The German team played somewhat disjointedly at first, before settling into its trademark high energy, defensive style of play, for which Argentina had few answers.

Germany's Football World Cup Team.

Germany’s Football World Cup Team.

As the stadium in Brazil came alive with a sea of mostly Argentinian fans, both teams played with a single-minded focus to win the 2014 World Cup and take the trophy home to their homeland. The German team came into the final match as heavy favorites based on its performance during the tournament, while the team from Argentina was motivated to win it all in Brazil, the country of their main nemesis.

Argentina's World Cup Football Team.

Argentina’s World Cup Football Team.

The game featured edge-of-seat action throughout and did not lack for rich entertainment value, wrought as it was with high emotions for the Germans who aimed to win a fourth title while their competitors aimed for their third. All of the top players from both teams had good touches on the ball, giving them different opportunities to score during the regulation period but somehow they all failed to score until extra time.

lionel messi

Lionel Messi needs more talent surrounding him in order to lead his team to victory.

For Argentina, it will undoubtedly be a time of profound reflection and reorganization as they take steps to create a cohesive team rather than try in vain to focus exclusively on Lionel Messi. As the Germans showed so effectively, it takes a team to win the FIFA World Cup. Nothing less will do.–

World Cup Group of 16, Knockout Round, gets underway 6/28-7/1

Brazil's World Cup team.

Brazil’s World Cup team.

By Carmen Glover

An exciting, unpredictable, first round of the 2014 World Cup football (soccer to some) tournament ended with the USA team gaining entry to the Knockout Round of 16 while football powerhouses Ghana, Portugal, Italy, England and defending champions Spain made quick exits amidst a cloud of questions about their future. Will they revamp their rosters? Will they hire new coaches? For all the hype that surrounded Portugal’s Cristiana Ronaldo, dubbed the best player in the world, he was a colossal bust and seemed to be more concerned with preening than delivering for his team and his ball club.

Costa Rica's World Cup Team.

Costa Rica’s World Cup Team.

It remains to be seen what steps will be taken to make the early exiting teams more competitive for World Cup 2018. While the exiting teams sort out their next steps, the Knockout Round for the 2014 World Cup begins and excitement appears to be at a fever pitch, especially for the American team which has won new fans, after doing what seemed like the impossible by making it out of the Group of Death, and the Costa Rican team which emerged from the Group of Champions in first place, despite being the only team in that group that has never won the World Cup trophy.

The USA World Cup Team.

The USA World Cup Team.

The Knockout Round features 16 teams who will face fierce competition as each team tries to advance to the other rounds that bring them closer to the finals. The winning team will advance while the losing team will head home. No second match. No chance for redemption. The first match of the Knockout Round will feature Brazil taking on Chile on Saturday at 12 noon on Channel 7 while Uruguay takes on Colombia at 4: 00 p.m. In the meantime, perennial bad boy Luis Suarez, was banned for four months from all World Cup and football related events and fined $112, 000 for yet another biting incident, for which he seems totally unremorseful. So he will not play against Colombia and will not play in early games for his Liverpool club.

The Nigerian World Cup Team.

The Nigerian World Cup Team.

So far in the World Cup tournament, the African teams have not done well. Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon have returned home after poor showings, while Nigeria and Algeria are still in the mix. One of the problems this World Cup faces with perception is the total exclusion of English-speaking Caribbean nations, which is an issue that has garnered a great deal of attention and is expected to generate heated debate when the tournament ends. The schedule of the Knockout Round is as follows:

The Netherlands' World Cup Team.

The Netherlands’ World Cup Team.

Saturday, June 28, Brazil vs. Chile on Channel 7 and Univision at 12:00 noon, Colombia vs. Uruguay at 4;00 p.m. On Sunday, June 29, Netherlands vs. Mexico at 12 noon on ESPN, and Univision; Costa Rica vs. Greece at 4;00 p.m. Monday, June 30, France vs. Nigeria at 12:00 noon on ESPN and Univision and Germany vs. Algeria at 4;00 p.m. On Tuesday, Argentina vs. Switzerland at 12:00 noon on ESPN and Univision and USA vs. Belgium at 4:00 p.m.

If you have not had a chance to catch the matches so far, treat yourself to what will be an intense, nail-biting Knockout Round that will provide unmatched entertainment. Happy viewing! –